Project Blossoming: Top Indian Jewelry Designers Come Together to Support Female Education

When I found out about Project Blossoming it resonated with me immediately, and not solely for the incredible jewelry collection that has manifested because of it. Project Blossoming is an initiative created by international gemstone company Gemfields, that focuses on funding as well as educating young girls in India with the hopes that they “will blossom to realize their full potential.” Phenomenal.

The collection includes some amazing spring/summer friendly pieces made with emeralds, rubies, and of course diamonds. The collection remains true to the theme of blossoming with stunning floral pieces. The entire collection will be available through auction on June 6, 2014 in Mumbai – however you may still donate to the cause via the Project Blossoming website.

I consider myself to be a champion for empowering women of all ages, and I believe there is no greater power like the power you gain through knowledge. Knowledge, unlike many things of this world, can transcend race, class, and even gender. Unfortunately it is too common that access to knowledge is denied to women across the world. It is a wonderful thing that through the creation of this beautiful jewelry new possibilities are also created for the lives of young Indian girls.

Photos courtesy of Project Blossoming 2014.


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