Major Import: Devina Juneja of SUEDE Shares Must-Have Bags for Fall from India

Photos courtesy of Devina Juneja

As the seasons change our clothes, shoes, lip, and nail colors do too, to become more ‘season appropriate’ -- but what about our handbags? Should our handbags also get a revamped boost when the leaves start to fall and pumpkin spice everything begins to consume the universe? The answer is yes, yes they should. In the fall, your handbag should mirror all the lovely hues and feels of the season. Buttery browns, toasty golds, vampy burgundies, and olive greens. Of course, the standard black bag is always in vogue, but it’s also no fun.

When I think of the perfect bags for fall SUEDE by Devina Juneja instantly comes to mind. Devina’s bags are handcrafted and unique, featuring some of the richest hues of leather I’ve seen thus far. Check out my interview with Devina as we discuss fall fashion, her brand, and share which of her bags are must-haves for this fall handpicked by Devina and yours truly.

Sabrina Dunn: Devina, what do you love most about fall fashion? 

Devina Juneja: What I love most about fall fashion is definitely the colors and the advent of the festive season. I love dull metallics, burgundy-browns, charcoal greys; all colors I love to incorporate in my bags.

SD: What makes a SUEDE bag so unique? 

DJ: ‘SUEDE by Devina Juneja’ as a brand aims to be notches above with its quality, handcrafted leather bags and yet affordable to those who want to make an impressionable style statement. I believe good design and impeccable quality is the foundation of my brand, which is reinforced by my clients coming back to me each time they want a ‘statement’ bag. Leather is such a dynamic material, which ages beautifully. I love creating my one of a kind weaves using subtle metallics and eye-catching neons; experimenting with the texture of leather to create unique surface embellishments and ombre effects through hand sewing, cutting and spraying, creating different patterns and gradients of color.

SD: In what ways do you think your culture has influenced your designs? 

DJ: India is a country so diverse and rich in its heritage and crafts. Every state in India has a unique way of dressing and a myriad of techniques – dyeing, embroidery, weaving, handlooms that a designer can borrow from. I like to tie up with local artisans for some of my collections. My ‘Brick In The Wall’ collection is influenced by wall textures and I have got a local artist to paint and texturize the base leather for me. My latest collection (which is yet to be unveiled) is called Lava in which a sculptor has created hardware for my bags. My ‘India Skyline’ collection is an ode to my beautiful country India.

The Picks:

Classic Weave Two Weave Clutch Bronze
Brick In The Wall Clutch Gold
Blend Square Weave Box Clutch Gray-Silver
Mixed Weave Curved Flap Satchel 
Mixed Weave Straight Flap Satchel 


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