Matr Boomie Teaches Nearly 2,000 Marginalized Women Entrepreneurship Through Fashion

Wholesale fair trade company Matr Boomie, founded by husband and wife Manish & Ruchi Gupta, is doing marvelous things and creating some remarkable social impact. By partnering with nearly 2,000 marginalized women in India, Matr Boomie, which means “mother land” in Hindi, uses traditional artisan designs to produce stunning handmade fashion accessories that are sold to boutiques internationally. But, they don’t just stop there. Matr Boomie empowers the women who create these beautiful designs by giving them classes on business and literature, offering special health opportunities, and financial independence. Throughout the Indian countryside many women struggle with illiteracy and finding employment, the Gupta’s are beginning to change this by bringing education and work to small villages within the country. One of the many uncomfortable truths about society is the large discrepancy between gender and education worldwide. It is refreshing to see fashion and the preservation of beautiful traditional artistic techniques being used as a platform to make that gap a little bit smaller.

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces after the jump!

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  1. I love brands/companies that value people and ones that are built on a foundation of opportunities and social development. The ethics alone is really amazing, which is the key in the future success of any business-in my opinion. The pieces they make are absolutely gorgeous too...definitely right up my alley!

    Loving the new design of your blog, by the way!