MUST SEE: Launches Funny, Yet Eye-Opening Video On Diversity In Fashion

Well, this week has certainly been an interesting one in terms of the fashion industry and diversity. First, there was the unveiling of Vogue’s latest cover girl, award-winning professional tennis player Serena Williams. Serena is now the 18th black women to ever cover the “fashion bible” – yep, lucky number 18 on the cover of a magazine that has been around for over 100 years. So progressive. *Insert eye-roll here* Then, posted a very optimistic article about bloggers being major influencers behind fashion brands trying to appeal to more minority markets — ok that’s probably true, because without Aimee Song or Chasity Garner, who would have ever known that Asian women and plus sized women even liked dressing stylishly? *Insert additional eye-roll here*

Basically the fashion industry is still making its painfully slow crawl toward a beautiful and racially equal world and made a hilarious video pretty much making fun of it. The website's video series "Flip The Script" hosted by Liz Plank, premiered today with its first video taking a look into the current state of diversity within the fashion industry with their own version of late night host Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” segment. If you aren’t familiar, it’s basically where Jimmy goes to events that are typically filled with moronic try-too-hards, you know like Coachella and Fashion Week, and questions them on their music/fashion savvy. Which of course they know nothing about and it’s richly embarrassing, but SO funny. Take a look as Liz questions these “fashionistas,” term being use incredibly loosely, on their views about diversity in the fashion industry, and get a startling glimpse at the lack of people of color in fashion advertisements with insights from model and writer Yomi Abiola.

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