Fashion of Culture & The Tie Bar’s Derby Style: 101

Now that I’ve relocated to the South I’m starting to get a real feel for that Southern charm and culture. The food, the nice folks, and the fashion – yes that too, have all won me over without a doubt. Many of us are well aware that the Southern staple known as the Kentucky Derby is soon approaching and while it’s supposed to be about the beautiful Thoroughbreds we know it’s really about the clothes (and mint juleps too). Typically the women at the Kentucky Derby go all out with bold prints and even bolder hats, but what about the men? This is why The Tie Bar and I have come together to present to you Southern gents’ (and other gents’) the top do's & dont's for the Kentucky Derby. Enjoy, boys.

DO seek out a local tailor to properly fit your suit. Coat sleeves should be tailored so that a 1/2" of cuff shows when standing upright. Trousers should fall so that they just rest on top of the shoe. *Adding one of these Crocheted Lapel Flowers will give you an excellent pop of color and spice up a duller colored suit.

DON'T forget to take weather into consideration. Avoid wool suiting and stick with cotton, linen or seersucker to keep your cool. *Stylish suspenders make for great accessories once you've removed your suit jacket.

DO wear a tie that stands out from the crowd. (And learn how to tie a bow tie!)

DON'T forget a pocket square. These are the finishing touches to your outfit – the things that set you apart from the next guy.

And last but certainly NOT least... DON'T forget that confidence is key. You only look as good as you feel.

Follow these simple rules and you'll ace derby season and don't forget to check out for any and all of your men's accessories needs or to purchase any of the items seen above. 

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