Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Cover April 2014 Vogue + Why It Pisses People Off

Photo Courtsey of  Annie Leibovitz for Vogue 2014.

The April 2014 cover of American Vogue was unveiled today and put the internet in such a frenzy you'd think it was the September issue. Kanye West and his baby-mama/fiancé/protégé Kim Kardashian graced the cover in what appears to be a high-fashion interpretation of an engagement photo. Many people lashed out via Twitter and Instagram to share their thoughts of the "#WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE" on the cover of Vogue -- some really loved it, while others were downright pissed off... and here's why:

Although it is impossible for me to speak for the masses, as a loyal Vogue reader who eagerly awaits for the arrival of her copy month-to-month, I may have a bit of insight as to what got everyone so hot and bothered.

First, one must understand that Vogue is much more than a magazine to it's most loyal readers. I mean it isn't referred to as "The Fashion Bible" for nothin'. Vogue is where the rules of fashion are created and most strictly followed. Vogue is where standards are set, not where mainstream trends are pushed... or so we (loyal Vogue readers) thought.

You see 'KimYe' appeals to a very particular audience, one that is not the loyal Vogue reader. This cover is for pop-culture fanatics, Kardashian obsessed tweens, and Yeezus stans. Don't get me wrong, all of which are broad groups of consumers who will most definitely allow this cover to fly right off the shelves, however by appealing to them, Vogue is most certainly neglecting us and the integrity of the publication as an iconic brand is now in question. The Vogue we love and know would never stoop to the level of a supermarket tabloid by plastering an infamous celebrity couple on the cover of their magazine -- oh wait, they did. The Vogue we love and know would never run a story just because it was 'trendy' to the non-fashion obsessed masses -- oh wait, they did. The Anna we know and love who runs Vogue with an 'iron fist' would never go back on her word just to sell millions of copies of magazines -- oh wait, she did. As if all of that wasn't enough, this April issue also brings us a cover story about Kate Upton… and flats for spring. FLATS?

Now please don't be confused, this is no hate rant. I love Kanye West, I really do. He is an incredible talent with impeccable style, and as for Kim.. well, he dresses her really nicely and she made a cute baby with him so there's that. My point being that I don't particularly dislike either of them, or their relationship. A great positive to have an interracial couple on the cover as well as a rapper. Both of which are unheard of in terms of Vogue covers and deserves celebration in their own way. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that this cover might be great for the masses but is undoubtedly a big 'screw you' to loyal Vogue readers everywhere, who have less than zero interest in the overexposed celebrity couple.

You owe us big for this Vogue, real big.

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