Bad Gal Riri Covers March 2014 Vogue + Photos From Inside The Issue

Photos Courtesy of David Sims, Vogue 2014.

It is always refreshing to see a woman of color grace the cover of the “fashion bible,” considering it is something that has been done only a handful of times. The Barbadian Pop Princess looks stunning in her third Vogue cover for the March 2014 issue. Her look is beautiful, playful, and unusually toned down. Inside the magazine Rihanna does various high-fashion looks showing her incredible versatility as model. I am completely convinced that if she wasn’t a mega pop-star she could easily be one of the top supermodels of our generation.

As we all know and willingly accept, Rihanna, or She as she prefers to be referred to, is a full fledged fashion icon. Whatever she wears, whatever she says, suddenly becomes the standard in how to look, act, and feel like the ultimate cool girl. One thing I love about Rihanna is her dedication to being herself, which I believe is the true essence of her mass appeal. For many of us it is difficult to be unapologetic for how we want to dress, what we want to say and ultimately be who we are. Rihanna does this genuinely with grace, and most importantly with style. Yasss Bad Gal Riri.

Read more and see all the photos at Vogue.

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