Chanel Iman Covers 'The Edit' + Talks Fashion Industry Racism

Radiant as ever Chanel Iman covers this week's issue of Net-A-Porter's ‘The Edit’ magazine. Inside Chanel talks about battling racism within the fashion world and even being bullied for her naturally thin physique. I am so thrilled about the amount of the models coming out to speak on the issue of race in fashion, something that has been avoided for years. Progress people, progress.

One aspect that Chanel touches on is tokenism, the idea that one minority is “enough” to represent all. She says that she’s been unable to book jobs because casting directors felt they already had one black girl, why need another? These type of statements are just heartbreaking. Look fashion industry, exclusion is a problem, yes, and tokenism is too. Not only is it obnoxious to witness the pseudo "equality" being dished out to consumers, but one minority featured in your show or campaign does not make you seem supporting – it makes you seem tolerable, which are very different degrees of acceptance.  Understand that.

To read the full interview (which I recommend) go here to

All photos are courtesy of Paul Maffi for The Edit 2014.

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