#PFW Review: Elie Saab Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear

“Dive Into the Deep Blue” was the title of Elie Saab’s Spring 2015 RTW collection fittingly so, with tropical blues and sunset orange dawning most of the pieces, it was a lovely excursion away from Paris to a place with ocean views and sun-kissed skin. Elie Saab is the king of intricate lace embroidery, romance, and the red carpet, but this season he showed his glamorous yet more “everyday” side with a few sporty looks in between his classic gowns. Jumpers, trousers, and day dresses featuring solid blue hues and a majestic pattern resembling a koi fish pond were fresh additions to the collection. Again Saab played with dégradé colors as he did last season, which are always done so masterfully it never feels like repetitive trend piece. It wouldn’t have been an Elie Saab show if he didn’t close with what he does best: embroidered lace gowns. It seems Saab has shown a lot more versatility with this collection, proving that he can bring us the classic looks we love with a little something extra too.

Photos courtesy of Marcus Tondo 2014.

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  1. All of these ensembles are absolutely gorgeous! And you're right...it does give me a feeling of oceanic scenes with a touch of sun set and sunrise. I could actually see myself wearing a few of these looks, assuming it would compliment my figure = )