Edward Enninful Revives Harlem Renaissance For Prada

Edward Enninful, Fashion and Style Director at W Magazine, has been brought on to Prada’s 'The Iconoclasts' project as a breath of fresh air to the artistic vision of the brand. Prada has hired many top stylists to work with 'The Iconoclasts' campaign since the original launch in 2009, but the direction Enninful is taking it in is uncharted and exciting.
Enninful will be transforming Prada stores in both Milan and Russia this month to resemble that of a 1920s lounge and gambling hall. Enninful said he chose the time period of The Harlem Renaissance as inspiration for the Spring 2014 campaign because it was a time of “original thought” and “when creative minds inspired and embraced a new cultural identity.”

The Harlem Renaissance is an important part of the development of the African-American identity; it allowed for a new type of artistic and educational advancement to be made in disenfranchised communities that was nonexistent before. During this time, the minds and the talents of black people were nurtured and celebrated in a way that was unique, and has since changed music, literature, and fashion indefinitely. It is exciting to see such a crucial part of African-American culture being represented by an iconic brand such as Prada. Being familiar with Mr. Enninful's work as an avid reader of W, I am absolutely sure it is going to be fantastic. Bravo! 

Images Courtesy of Instagram via Edward Enninful.

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